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The Morbid Curiosity Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

The Donner Party travelled by covered wagon in 1846 toward California, but became marooned in the snows of Sierra Mountains. In the second part of this episode, we discuss the first half of their winter ordeal, including the struggle to survive and a desperate attempt to strike out in search of help.


Aug 17, 2020

The Donner Party left Illinois in April 1846. Hoping to reach California by covered wagon before winter, they decided to take a brand new short cut. This short cut proved disastrous, and led to much hardship and horror when the group was snowed in for the winter in the Sierra mountains. In this first part of the...

Aug 3, 2020

South of Egypt lies Nubia, the ancient home of of the Kushite Kingdom. The Kushites built their own pyramids and even rose to rule Egypt at one point. In this episode we discuss the history of Kush and the many pyramid tombs they built in the red sands of Sudan. 

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